Duke Kardonnes

Leader of the city of Urul as well as the surrounding towns and villages.


Tall and heavily muscled, Duke Kardonnes is a Human male in his late forties. His black and gray hair is cut in a short, military-style manner. When in court he typically is garbed in the clothing of his station – a long tunic and heavy trousers, fur-lined surcoat and a heavy cloak bearing the symbol of Urul. He wears a heavy iron medallion bearing the symbol of Thor around his neck at all times.

When preparing for war or traveling, he wears a suit of heavily enchanted full plate armor and a cloak emblazoned with the symbol of Thor. The brooch holding his cloak is fashioned in the shape of the Urulian Pheonix. In battle Kardonnes wields the hammer Gamlanautr, a magical weapon of great strength and power.


Duke Kardonnes

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