Urulian Continent

The Urulean continent is the northern-most continent on the planet. While relatively small in size, the concentration of humanoid races is extremely high compared to the other continents. Humans, Elves, and Dwarves all have major cities here.

Traditionally the continent has been considered a lose collection of independent city-states, each responsible for its own laws, protection, taxes, and the like; however, after the invasion of the Legion necessity forced the consolidation of power and altered the scape of the political geography. The continent is divided into two large, roughly equal swaths of land. The North-Eastern half belongs to Lord Konig and includes Shultz, Gada, Eden, Altruz, Damont, and Egusi. The South-Western half is governed by Duke Kardonnes and encompasses Urul, Horisha, Luddock, Illusk, Fortos, Middle Valley, and Rosedale.

There are two other major cities on the Urulian continent. Glaadsholt, ruled independently by the Arch-Magi Karasu, and Brondvale – a reclusive city of magic and secrets.

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Urulian Continent

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